North Cascades National Park, July 2014


Someone camp with me

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matching underwear make u feel great but matching black underwear make u feel powerful

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Anonymous asked: i have two, count 'em, TWO friends that have gotten their lips ripped off by their pet pit bulls. these are the same people that used to say "oh don't worry about my giant dog, he's a sweetheart and he wouldn't bite anyone" etc. and now they have giant scars that they got trying to cuddle with their dogs. all i wanna say is be careful, because you're waaay too pretty and it'd be a damn shame if you had to get your face sewn back onto your face.


This is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. You think because two people happened to have something happen to them (without knowing the story/the dogs history) that ALL pits will attack you?! Do you realize how many pit bull terriers there are in the world? If you look up bite statistics on every breed, the number one breed for biting is dachshunds & chihuahuas. I believe labs are high up on that list too but labs have always been family dogs & a pretty popular breed in households if I’m not mistaken. You won’t hear about small dog attacks because no ones going to care if a vicious chihuahua attacked someone because they won’t do as much damage as a pit. That DOES NOT mean they happen more frequently just because you hear about them more often. That’s like judging a certain race based upon the action of TWO or even ten people. Have you ever been around a neutered male pit raised correctly by a family who provides a safe & healthy environment. Unfortunately working in the field I do, responsible dog owners are hard to find, especially pits because of people like you who spread lies & invoke fear in people’s minds because of hear say. I have never in my 23 years of living met a vicious pit bull. How dare you. I will forever back up this breed 100% and you should be ashamed of yourself. Go volunteer at your local animal shelter where 95% of dogs are pit bulls. Then watch how many of the sweetest dogs you’ll meet get put down daily because there are not enough people to adopt them out. You should feel somewhat bad considering your “hear/say” logic contributes to that. Sincerely, fuck off.

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"makeup is why you take a bitch swimming on the first date" 

*farts in a plastic bag and pops it in your face*

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why double dipping isnt actually a problem:

  • if i want some more dip im getting some and u aint gonna be a lil bitch about it

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Title: Lemonade Artist: Gucci Mane 121,727 plays